The International Logistics Park is located within both Brunswick County and Columbus County North Carolina. International Logistics Park is served by Waste-water Service from Brunswick County with an 8″ inch gravity line that is in the ground and a lift station that has recently been completed at the entrance to the park. Brunswick and Columbus Counties will both provide water service to International Logistics Park. Columbus County will initially provide water service as it already has water service to the property line at US HWY 74/76. Columbus County is in its pre-design, bid stage, and construction process set for bringing their water lines and service to the Park to serve the Phase I sites (4th Quarter 2020 completion). Concurrently, Brunswick County is in its design, bid and construction process for bringing its water lines, along US HWY 74/76, to the Park. As part of their project, Brunswick County plans to construct a new water tower to be located across the highway, near the main entrance to the Park. The Counties plan to inter-connect their water services which will ultimately provide backup service to end-users at International Logistics Park.

Duke Progress Energy has electrical service capacity in place at the International Logistics Park to service most large wholesale, distribution, and manufacturing end-users. Duke Energy Progress works closely with end-users to ensure their specific electrical requirements are met at The Park.

Piedmont Natural Gas operates a high-pressure steel transmission line on the north side of Hwy 74/76, which could be used to bring natural gas service to the Park. the capability to provide natural gas service to any site or customer will require an analysis based on the specific need of each individual customer. Additional alternative fuel may be more appropriate depending on use.

ATMC offers a 100% fiber optic, carrier-class network with services shapeable at any level to meet each customer’s specific needs throughout Brunswick and Columbus County. ATMC maintains redundant connections with four (4) different major carriers along with three (3) diverse POP’s (Points of Presence). Additionally, ATMC offers various commercial services such as high-speed internet bandwidth, VLAN and point-to-point services, security, and commercial telephone services. ATMC currently has fiber-optic connectivity at the Park with speeds up to 10G, with the capability of speeds up to 100G. ATMC can connect any industry directly to the internet backbone as well as provide a private fiber connection to any data center throughout the US, and potentially any data center in the world.

The Wilmington Port (North Carolina Ports) and Wilmington International Airport are both within eighteen (18) miles of the International Logistics Park.

North Carolina Ports – The Port of Wilmington
Wilmington International Airport – Wilmington, North Carolina